Child Care solutions that strengthen your organization

Become a part of our enthusiastic and devoted team at ExCel Childcare Services. We’re dedicated to cultivating an environment that encourages growth for our students and staff alike.

Backup and Emergency Care

Offering a safety net for your working families can significantly curtail absenteeism. We are here to support during those unpredictable moments when regular childcare arrangements fail due to scenarios such as school holidays, unexpected closures, and in-service days.

Onsite Child
Care Services:

We are dedicated to promoting a healthier work-life balance for your employees. Our onsite childcare services can prove to be a

transformative solution, alleviating parental stress and assisting in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.

Customized Solutions

In the dynamic modern workplace, adaptability is essential. We provide tailor-made childcare solutions that meet your specific needs, even when managing the complexities of a hybrid workforce.


Early Preschool

In our early preschool program, we emphasize the development of the whole child, preparing them for the learning adventures that lie ahead.


Our preschool program prepares children for kindergarten. Our teachers provide activities that boost learning to ensure children have the necessary skills for school success.

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